Reduce and Rebate

Many kinds of energy efficiency measures will reap benefits. Retrofitting existing systems or implementing new systems in:

Carbon Managers is able to:

Carbon Managers are trained to -

Reducing energy use is an engineering process that looks at all processes to utilise energy better. It may involve cogeneration such as piping water to a furnace to create steam that then generates turbine driven electricity.

Energy Efficiency Improvements in Refrigeration have been identified through our sourcing of a simple unit which can be fitted to most commercial refrigeration plant and is guaranteed to save energy by at least 15% (Australian results achieving 25% to 35%). It gives more consistent temperatures, capacity increase of 10%, increased shelf life of 66% with reduced maintenance costs and defrost cycles. Return on investment of between 9 to 36 months at a very low capital cost.

Carbon Managers can provide the advice on solar and other alternative technologies and as to where rebates and tradable renewable energy certificates which are available.

Carbon Managers has helped building owners towards NABERS higher ratings. Energy reviews included an estimated savings in GJ and dollars per annum, capital costs and payback periods (all within 0.4 to 4.5 years) as well as the government subsidies available to assist in retrofitting. Our experience has shown that significant CO2 tonnes are able to be reduced though behavioural changes and using smart metering for more immediate feedback.